Chickens, Turkeys and Eggs, Oh my!



Poultry is a mainstay at Prairie Garden Farm. These birds are a pleasure to raise and watch clucking and scratching outside, and we can't imagine having a farm without them. In exchange for a little grain, fresh air and grass, the chickens and turkeys put good, healthy protein on our plates.

Loretta always wanted chickens, so these were the first creatures we brought onto the farm. Our hens love to scratch the grass to look for tasty morsels. The eggs that the hens give us are a brilliant orange that shout health.

In 2011, we raised our first broilers. As with the egg laying hens, these birds grew up breathing clean air, green grass and had plenty of room to do what chickens do. In the picture to the right, Don made a moveable pen so that we could protect the brids from predators and easily move them to fresh (and clean) grass. The last couple of weeks, we moved the birds 2 to 3 times a day.

We think there's a huge difference in taste between our pastured birds and what the commercial growers raise.



Although we were skeptical about raising turkeys (lots of negative press about their intelligence and smell), they were a smart addition to the farm.

Naturally curious and always moving in a group, these escape artists wandered all over our farm driven by whatever whim came into their minds. They seem to be interested in each other's affairs, and call to one another if one gets separated from the group.