Unsung Heroes



On a quiet summer day, busy bees can be heard buzzing around the farm, pollinating the plants as they gather pollen and nectar. Far from aggressive, these wonderful creatures are critical to fruit and vegetable production. The delicious golden honey they produce underscores the magic of bees.

The graceful flutter of several kinds of butterflies and other insects can be seen throughout the gardens as they contribute to pollination.

Worms are important to the health and aeration of the soil.  Worms increase the amount of air and water in the soil, help decompose organic matter and fertilize the soil. Worms are a welcome sight in the soil. We consider these little guys the “silent tillers” in our garden.

Microorganisms are unsung heroes that serve as the backbone of our farm’s ecosystem. Microbes play the role of decomposers with their ability to produce valuable soil nutrients from plant and animal waste products. These nutrients and minerals are critical to the health of all plants, which in turn reduce erosion and feed larger animals—to include us! 

We work hard to make these unsung heroes welcome on Prairie Garden Farm.